Medusa – The Fallen godess

 Medusa, our last personal project with some talented CG artists.
During this particular year, we’ve decided to work together on a personal subject.
We’ve commonly agreed on a subject, and each one of us worked on our shots.
Here are

Ruins of Madain Saleh

I had the opportunity to work on an exposition about the ruins of Madain Saleh. My job was to recreate monument from the sand. Composition where huge. There it is some of the close up shots.…

Lancôme / La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat

Mon rôle : Compositing

Production company : ONIRIM
Directed by : Frédéric Colin
POST PRODUCER : Sebastián M. Eyherabide
Storyboard Neo Miletic
3d artist : Frederic Colin // Fabien Gibert // Samir Senane // Clément …

Hero Corp / Générique Saison 4

Conception de l’animation du générique de Hero Corp saison 4, grâce aux illustrations d’Olivier Peru et la musique d’Etienne Forget.

Le second générique à été dérivé de l’original pour un épisode spécial de la saison.

Merci à l’équipe de post

Her Kingdom

Inspired by a short quote of a poem by Khalil Gibran on Self Knowledge from The Prophet.
This movie tries to draw my interpretation of the birth of our soul from infinity.

With Audrey Giacomini
Directed by Florent Bizec
Music …

Gucci / Watches Basel 2013

Vertical screens for Baselworld event. Each watches stays in a floating loop until someone pass in front of it, then watches materializes themselves. Finally, watches explodes again and keeps running their loop.

Production :


France 3 / L’Ombre d’un Doute

Animations créées pour l’émission L’ombre d’un doute, diffusée sur France 3.

DA : Julien Martorell & Quentin Garabedian
Dessins : Thierry Marchand, Eric Nosal
Générique : Julien Martorell
Musique : Polérik Rouvière

Production :


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