Acuvue Define

For their newest Define campaign, Acuvue’s intention was to differentiate from competition within a highly saturated market, bringing consumers a fresh and premium option within the beauty contact lens category. Zorba Singapore answers with an aspirational and empowering beauty film in full CGI, that embodies the richness of nature’s colors and lines.
Directed by Samir Senane, the creative and technical challenge of the film was to integrate the contact lenses in a natural landscape, showcasing their colors inspired by nature and hand-drawn patterns in beautiful fresh scenes.
Drawing a parallel between eyes and nature, the film uses highly realistic 3D techniques to bring life to an accurate yet mesmerizing world, close from reality and nature. Mixing dynamic movements and transitions with contemplative shots, a total of 20 different scenes have been created for the film, demonstrating Acuvue’s multiplicity of inspirations.



Client : Acuvue
Agency : Zorba Group (Singapore)
Production : Moon Studio

VFX Producer : Felipe Bernard 
Director : Samir Senane
​​​​​​​3D Artists : Orse, Florent Bizec, Samir Senane
Compositing : Mathieu Gaspard
Color Grader : Romain Loiseau

Music & Sound Design : Zelig Sound
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